Restoration House (RH) was incorporated as a California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation on October 28, 2002, and received IRS 501(c)(3) status as a public charity on March 13, 2003. We leased our facility from our sister corporation, RH Foundation, in October 2003, and welcomed our first two residents on December 30, 2003.

Since the program’s inception (12 years in 2014), more than 100 men have been served by RH. A few stayed less than a month; a few 1 ½ years. The average stay is 6-9 months. In general, we consider three months the minimum time to adequately complete the program.


4141 Soledad Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95820

Phone: (916) 454-2068

Fax: (916) 254-7318

Email: [email protected]

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